E&E Customers – You may have noted weekly Guest Out reports from me coming later & later in the day in comparison to past turn days. In short, the late departure of guests & nature of issues found is driving this.

Adding to this, as noted below in my email to your PM firms, is a general lack of training on the part of their inspectors & HSKG staff that report issues — which in most cases are forwarded to me for action — that takes me more time to determine if the issue is serious & needs immediate attention.

As noted before, if there is a serious issue regarding guest or property safety you will get a phone call from me at the time I find it or verify it. I’ve had several “high priority” calls or work orders from the PMs that are not immediate risks to occupants nor the property & in some cases reported issues that I just can’t find.

This simply stretches out the day & delays my reports to you. But again you will know of issues I find that need attention & action by phone.

Right now, in my opinion, Twiddy is (as usual) a mess. CCV is a mess an may never recover. Carolina Designs is working hard but challenged. In some regards, each continues to do a great job. But when it comes to property care, the aforementioned and others are struggling. Some maintenance techs, after being laid off, have not come back. Many inspectors are new and were “virtually” trained. Many HSKG folks are new.

Text of my email to the PMs is below. Holler back with any questions or comments.


Folks, the opening weeks of the 2020 rental season have been a challenge for all of us.  We have developed a great relationship regarding mutual property care for the 30 properties I tend to, with you, in Corolla.  There have been a few bumps in the road over the last several weeks and I’m hoping you can help.

  • Issue reports from HSKG or Inspectors are lacking in detail.
    • Sometimes “mystery naming” to the issues (parts, locations, etc.) in reports to Maintenance that get sent to me.  That is, a person reporting who does not know the name of what they are looking at.
    • No photos.  In the event of “mystery naming,” with a pic no one knows what or where the issue is.  Hard to prepare and have the right stuff available to make a single visit.
    • Pls encourage your HSKG & Inspectors to take photos!
    • Over time, this will get better as they are more familiar with pieces, parts & take pics.
  • Please issue me a work order by email.
    • Phone calls are a good “heads up” but for documentation & billing reasons please follow a call with a formal WO.
    • This especially crucial in the event of potential guest damages.

Thanks for our great working relationship in the past and now under some stressful circumstances.  As the 2020 rental season unfolds, we are certainly going to face more issues together, and I’m hoping a few small changes as noted above will help us keep up with property & guest care.