General Policy

Eyes & Ears offers two types of services: Scheduled Services & Special Services.

Scheduled Services are the regular & routine visits to a property to check out its condition with reports going to owners the same day. During a property’s rental season, this visit takes place on the guest-out day.

During a property’s off-season, this visit may take place any day of the week.

Special Services covers a variety of offerings including Storm Prep, vendor access & management, and maintenance. Our focus, with Special Services, is on the security, safety for occupants, and soundness of the property (SS&S). While Eyes & Ears will consider taking on non-essential work or cosmetic items, it will be as time allows.

E&E’s maintenance efforts are classified & priced (time & materials basis) based on the urgency of the issue as follows:

  • Alpha Response – Minor issues & irritations to occupants that pose no danger to them nor the structure and do not significantly impact the quality of their time at a property (such as a single burned-out lightbulb). In many cases, E&E will decline work orders from PMs of this nature but will respond as able to VRBO properties.
  • Bravo Response – Issues that are not a “must do right now” but significant enough to develop into an SS&S issue. Examples would include a slow draining sink or shower, a loose or fallen doorknob, outlets or light switches not operating, and wobbly/broken furniture.
  • Charlie Response – Issues that demand quick attention and pose a potential threat to the occupants or structure. Examples would include a clogged toilet, power out to some portion of the interior, a leaking plumbing fixture or a non-functioning appliance, dangerous conditions with decks/railings, and leaking from a window/slider/door & elevators not working.
  • Delta Response – Immediate “drop everything” attention. Examples would be power or water out to the property, smoke alarms sounding, sewage backing up into tubs or toilets, failed decking/railings, interior flooding & elevator entrapment.

Please note that Eyes & Ears does not provide any landscaping, grill cleaning, HVAC filter changes or general cleaning services unless specific arrangements are made with the owner. Our focus is on the property and owner, and we must rely on Property Management firms to tend to occupant comfort and convenience.

General Policies – The Most Important to be Aware Of

  1. Billable Work Approval Policy – Eyes & Ears will secure prior owner approval for any billable work. This may come as a proposal from Eyes & Ears or as a request from the owner for specific work. The lone exception is below.
  2. Imminent Danger Policy – Eyes & Ears will not perform any billable work at an owner property without the approval of the owner. The exception to this is if, in the opinion of Eyes & Ears, an issue at the property threatens the safety of occupants or the integrity of the home. In these cases, Eyes & Ears will do what is possible to rapidly mitigate the danger or risk and will inform the owner as soon as possible on the actions taken and any costs.
  3. “No Tinker” Rule – Eyes & Ears will not attempt repairs on any system, machinery, or mechanicals that we are not familiar with and comfortable working on. Simply put, we are not going to learn or experiment with your property. Eyes & Ears will assist owners in finding qualified vendors who can assess the situation and make the needed repairs.
  4. Just Do It Work Policy – During the course of any scheduled property visit (Scheduled Services), if we find items that need repair and we have the tools and materials to do it right then, we Just Do It. No charge. Tightening cabinet hinges, pounding in a stray deck nail, clearing a clogged sink…it’s done.
  5. No Uplift on Parts Policy – Eyes & Ears will not charge an uplift, billable to the owner, for any parts and materials needed at their property. You pay what we pay.
  6. Owner Assist Policy – If an owner is at their property and needs help doing a project, Eyes & Ears stands ready – as available – to assist the owner in the project at no charge. Our time, tools and talents are available for $0 labor charges. Any parts needed can be purchased by the owner or by Eyes & Ears, in which case the owner will be billed for the parts and taxes.
  7. Shared Supplies Policy – To expedite work & simplify billing, Eyes & Ears may charge a $25/half fee for general shared supplies like nails, screws, caulk and other things that we don’t care to count and price while doing Just Do It work. If we need to use a handful of deck screws, we just grab ‘em and drive ‘em. We don’t take the time to count ‘em. The supplies we buy to use on customer properties are the same ones we buy to work on our own homes – no skimping.
  1. Guest Contact Policy – Rental guests are welcomed to call Eyes & Ears directly on our business lines for any needs or issues. If we meet your guests, we give them our office number and encourage them to call if needed. It’s a great way for Eyes & Ears to find out what guests like, don’t like, and to give them a sense of the owner’s care for the quality of their stay. While E&E may not have the capacity to directly address a guest issue, we will do our best to find qualified resources that can.
  2. Failure to Act Policy – In the event Eyes & Ears makes an owner aware of an issue at their property that may pose a risk to occupants or the structure itself and the owner fails to take action to remedy that situation, Eyes & Ears will not accept responsibility for any future accidents, injuries or damages that result to people or property. Prolonged failure to address such issues may result in termination of the Service Agreement.
  3. Privacy Policy – Eyes & Ears will not share owner personal contact information with guests. This includes phone numbers, email addresses & street addresses. We ask, in return, that owners not share Eyes & Ears personal (including our cell phone numbers) contact info with guests. Either party may at their own election share their own information with guests.
  4. Pest Control Policy – Eyes & Ears will not accept any rental properties into its program if the owners do not have an in-force scheduled visit program with a pest control company.
  5. Rental Schedule Notification – Owners of rented properties are encouraged to provide E&E with a rental schedule looking out at least 60 days as best known by the owners. E&E does not have access to owner rental schedules via the PM’s: these schedules show only “available for rent” or not, with no details on if a property is not available due to owner time in or service work.

Specific Policies for Not Generally Available (NGA) Properties

1. Definition – An NGA property is defined by Eyes & Ears as a property that is primarily reserved for owner and owner family use, with occasional time in by friends. An NGA property is not marketed or serviced via a PM firm and is not identified as a VRBO property.

2. Scheduled Service Pricing – Owners of NGA properties enjoy a lower monthly rate for Scheduled Services than do owners of heavily rented properties. The primary reason for this is that E&E does not need to add NGA properties to the normal Saturday/Sunday turn day appointment schedule. Effective 1 January 2022, the following policies and surcharges will be implemented for NGA properties:

  1. Owners must inform E&E of “guests” not including the owner at least 3 days prior to guest arrival and must let E&E know of the departure date.
  2. E&E will do its best to accommodate, given information, visits after guests have left to ensure the property is Secure, Safe & Sound.
  3. E&E will be assessing a charge for Guest Out visits at NGA properties as below. Please note this does not include owner time in!
    1. If 1 week or less of Guest Out visits per month from 1 June to 30 Sept, no additional charge.
    2. If 2 or more weeks of Guest Out visits per month, E&E will charge an additional service fee based on a calculated amount specific to the property.
    3. Owners have the option to decline Guest Out visits, which means E&E will visit your property once a week as our schedule is set assuming no occupants are in.Third-Party Vendor Work

Eyes & Ears is delighted to help customers arrange for and monitor the access, work progress, and work quality of third-party vendors such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical and general contractors.

We offer 2 levels of support based on your needs and the regularity or duration of vendor time at your property.

Vendor Access & Management (VAM) – This service is intended for the occasional visits by vendors who are coming in for scheduled or as-needed service and require access to the interior of your property.

Examples would include semi-annual HVAC inspections; periodic pest control visits; as-needed plumbing or electrical work; or deliveries that need to get things inside. This service is intended for vendor projects that are generally in-out- complete in a single day.

These vendor visits can be arranged for by the owner or by Eyes & Ears at the owner’s direction with a known vendor; the scope of the work is understood; there is a stated window for the arrival of the vendor; and billing arrangements have been made in advance.

Eyes & Ears will, at your direction:

  • Ensure the vendors have access at the appointment or delivery time.Vendors can contact Eyes & Ears as they near arrival on our cell phones.
  • Ensure the vendors do the work you expect them to do.
  • Ensure the property is secured at their exit.
  • Report to you as best possible the results of the vendor visit on the sameday as the vendor visit.
    A single, one-time charge will be billed to the owner based on current VAM rates.Vendor Project Monitoring (VPM) – This service is intended for multi-day or multi- vendor projects. Several vendor trades (plumbing, electrical) may be involved in doing the contracted work and they may need access to the interior.Examples would include interior remodeling (bathrooms, kitchens, painting, etc.) or exterior projects (siding, painting, roofing, pool resurfacing, etc.) where the vendor is going to be on-site for several days and may need interior access.These vendor projects are typically arranged for by the owner with a known lead vendor but can be arranged for by Eyes & Ears; the intent of the work is basically understood but the scope may grow as things are discovered during the course of work; and billing arrangements have been made in advance.Eyes & Ears can provide, at your direction:
    • Provision of a hard key to the property. Written owner approval isrequired. Eyes & Ears will collect all keys made for vendor access after thework. Electronic access should be provided by the rental company or owner.
  • Regular monitoring of the work progress, including photos of the work.
  • Meeting on-site needs such as re-setting breakers or turning on outsidewater.
  • Ensure vendor understanding and compliance with your project needs.
  • Asking the vendor(s) the questions you want answers to on a real-timebasis and documenting these to you promptly.
  • Local communication with any and all parties who have role or interest inthe project once it starts, including rental companies.
  • An assessment of the work done at vendor completion, including photos ofthe final work and the Eyes & Ears professional commentary on the work.Eyes & Ears will require a copy of the estimate or scope of work, approved by the owner, of the vendor’s planned efforts and notification of any owner-agreed changes to the scope.It is important to understand that under this offering the owner will have complete responsibility and control over the work done. Eyes & Ears will make no significant “on-site” decisions regarding the vendor work, modifications to the scope of work, or any other changes that would materially change what the owner had agreed on.Eyes & Ears charges to the owner for Vendor Project Monitoring will be set via a discussion with the owner based on the complexity and duration of the project; the frequency of E&E visits; and the owner’s desire for real-time information

2022 (Nov 2021 draft 6)