General Policies

General Policies – 2021

  1. Billable Work Approval Policy – Eyes & Ears will secure prior owner approval for any billable work.  This may come as a proposal from Eyes & Ears or as a request from the owner for specific work.
  2. Imminent Danger Policy – Eyes & Ears will not perform any billable work at an owner property without the approval of the owner.  The exception to this is if, in the opinion of Eyes & Ears, an issue at the property threatens the safety of occupants or the integrity of the home.  In those cases, Eyes & Ears will do what is possible to rapidly mitigate the danger or risk and will inform the owner as soon as possible on the actions taken and any costs.
  3. “No Tinker” Rule – Eyes & Ears will not attempt repairs on any system, machinery, or mechanicals that we are not familiar with and comfortable working on.  Simply put, we are not going to learn or experiment with your property.  Eyes & Ears will assist owners in finding qualified vendors who can assess the situation and make the needed repairs.
  4. Just Do It Work Policy – During the course of any scheduled property visit (Scheduled Services), if we find items that need repair and we have the tools and materials to do it right then, we Just Do It.  No charge.  Tightening cabinet hinges, pounding in a stray deck nail, clearing a clogged sink…it’s done.
  5. No Uplift on Parts Policy – Eyes & Ears will not charge an uplift, billable to the owner, for any parts and materials needed at their property.  You pay what we pay.
  6. Owner Assist Policy – If an owner is at their property and needs help doing a project, Eyes & Ears stands ready – as available – to assist the owner in the project at no charge.  Our time, tools and talents are available for $0 labor charges.  Any parts needed can be purchased by the owner or by Eyes & Ears, in which case the owner will be billed for the parts and taxes.
  7. Shared Supplies Policy – To expedite work & simplify billing, Eyes & Ears charges a $25/half fee for general shared supplies like nails, screws, caulk and other things that we don’t care to count and price while doing Just Do It work.  If we need to use a handful of deck screws, we just grab ‘em and drive ‘em.  We don’t take the time to count ‘em.  The supplies we buy to use on customer properties are the same ones I buy to work on our own homes – no skimping.
  8. Guest Contact Policy – Rental guests are welcomed to call Eyes & Ears directly on our business lines for any needs or issues.  If we meet your guests, we give them our office number and encourage them to call if needed.  It’s a great way for Eyes & Ears to find out what guests like, don’t like, and to give them a sense of the owner’s care for the quality of their stay.
  9. Failure to Act Policy – In the event Eyes & Ears makes an owner aware of an issue at their property that may pose a risk to occupants or the structure itself and the owner fails to take action to remedy that situation, Eyes & Ears will not accept responsibility for any future accidents, injuries or damages that result to people or property.
  10. 10.Privacy Policy – Eyes & Ears will not share owner personal contact information with guests.  This includes phone numbers, email addresses & street addresses.  We ask, in return, that owners not share Eyes & Ears personal (including cell phone numbers) contact info with guests.  Either party may at their own election share their own information with guests.
  11. 11.Pest Control Policy – Eyes & Ears will not accept any customers who do not have an in-force scheduled visit program with a pest control company.  We don’t care who they are, but one is needed to combat the rat, termite & other bug issues on the OBX.


Severe Weather Policy

As part of a Scheduled Services agreement, E&E will visit each property before, during (as possible) and after the severe weather.

As resources and time allow, E&E can perform the following Storm Prep work:

  • Ensure all windows, doors and sliders are closed and locked.
  • Close blinds.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Set thermostats to an appropriate level.
  • Empty and turn off icemakers.
  • Secure all outside items that could become airborne:
    • Tie trash cans to a piling or other post.
    • Bring deck furniture inside or stack & tie to a post.  Plastic furniture may be put into the swimming pool.
    • Turn over outdoor tables.
    • Close and stow outdoor umbrellas.
  • Turn off propane tanks to grills and tie the grill lid shut.
  • Ensure spa covers are secured.

E&E can also unbind furniture and other items (regardless of who secured it) and get it back out.

Any serious threats to the property, such as leaking or wind-damaged exteriors, will be mitigated as best possible and the owner informed.

Finally, in the event of a mandatory evacuation, we will make a personal decision as to leaving The Island or not.

Service Exemption Policy

Within the scope of contracted services, Eyes & Ears, LLC will use its best efforts to identify pest and/or unidentified biological growth/substance and report to the Owner any visible sign of pest intrusion and/or unidentified biological growth/substance on the Property. 

At its sole discretion, Eyes & Ears, LLC may decline to enter a Property if a pest and/or unidentified biological growth/substance intrusion has not been remediated.  Eyes & Ears, LLC may recommend a licensed, qualified remediation professional to the Owner, if requested. 

In the event of a general airborne pathogen threat (e.g., COVID-19) or a transmittable illness by one or more of occupants of a property, Eyes & Ears reserves the right to not enter the property while occupied.

Duty of Owner 

It is the duty of the Owner to notify any property management company, rental agency, guests, or third-party vendors of any pests; unidentified biological growth/substance; and transmittable illness of guests on the Property. It is the duty of the Owner to notify Eyes & Ears, LLP of any of these known on the Property, if this fact is not already known by Eyes & Ears, LLP.