Guest Damage – This weekend was filled with findings of guest-out damage to properties.  Not only my customers, but as reported by my contacts here both in maintenance & housekeeping, in many properties.  This is a bit unusual.  Some of the damage was deliberate, some done out of ignorance (not knowing how something worked), & some just a consequence of circumstances.

The advantage to you having E&E services, and to my relationships with your housekeepers, inspectors, pool companies & others:

  • I’m in your place EVERY turn day.  I know how the property was last week.  I, or the extended network of eyes & ears (HSKG, pool cleaners, etc.) find new things.
  • Some of these new issues are guest-out damage, and I document them all with pics and descriptions so that you can work with your PM (or directly with the guest in a VRBO) to address the issues.

My policy with regard to such guest-out damage:

  • I document.
  • I give my professional opinion as to how the damage occurred.
  • I don’t accuse – I document & communicate and rely on last week’s condition report regarding the state of your property.
  • I provide the info I can to help you and/or your PM decide about making a claim back to the guests.
  • I will repair things as I can and document the cost to repair, but only after your approval.
  • I may not do a repair until “round two” of turn day visits (the “fix” phase) but in some cases will stop everything to fix or mitigate damage that poses a threat to the property, new renters, or the HSKG team.
  • In some cases, repairs are beyond me and we need to call in licensed pros.

Property Crimes

  • I subscribe to a weekly report from Lexis-Nexus that report crimes in Corolla based on what Currituck County report to them.
  • The last 2 weeks have shown a dramatic increase in forced entry, property larceny & break-ins to vehicles.

I’m not going to speculate on the “why” of such, but this level of activity is unusual for this time of the rental season.  Just making you aware.

If you have a question or comment that might benefit other E&E customers, please post it here. That way I can respond easily to all and all get the benefit.