Along with the rain & clouds over the last several weeks, the humidity levels have been very high. Now with guests in — and windows being opened — several Guest Out properties I visited today were very humid inside, especially on the upper levels. At one property the moisture was condensing inside on the windows.

I generally turn therms to A/C/75 (unless owner has remote control) on turn days, but today I put many back to 72 to deal with the inside humidity. Also hoping to stave off new guests cranking it down to 68 to “clear the air.”

At my own home, I’ve had to take all therms back to 70 to deal with the indoor humidity. Mine has been 60%+ for a long time with the therms at 72*. Taking them back to 70 has helped a lot. Excess indoor humidity is not good for anything inside the house.

Holler back with any questions or comments.