The NHC, in its 11am update, moved the path of Hurricane Isaias further west, now making landfall near New Bern, NC and now going right over Elizabeth City and out to sea in Norfolk.  Being on the E side of the eye has some important implications:

  • More & heavier rain (worst on the E side of the eye).
  • A shift in the wind directions — first out of the S, then possibly a mild break, then out of the N & NW.  This will play a role in where items are secured or stowed.

The good news:

  • A continued westward movement will take the eye over more landmass before it gets to us, which can reduce its strength.

The iffy news:

  • The current path will take the eye over more of the mainland population of Currituck County, possibly forcing a faster than normal decision on restricting access to visitors.  Hyde County has already shut down new access to Ocracoke and the Dare Guidance Group met this morning.
  • While the current path takes the eye over more land, it is still wetland or shallow & warm bodies of water which will little to temper its strength.

Next update still planned for 4pm.