Goodbye to July 2020, the month of horrible weather & weird things!


  • In a single word, miserable. Hot & humid with heat indices in excess of 115* for days on end.
  • No rain to speak of.


  • In spite of the weather, few reported issues with AC.
  • Many reported issues with appliances (ice makers, ovens, microwaves, etc.).  Most of this wear & tear but in a few cases Silly Human Tricks.
  • Some electrical issues, but most solved or ready to be addressed.

Weird Stuff

  • Screws, bolts & nails coming loose at an odd rate.  Interior floor nails, inside chair bolts, door knobs, you name it & it came loose in July.
  • No explanation for this at all, but am blaming the weather!

Pools & Spas

  • Stressed.  Heavy use due to the heat & chems being sucked out like mad.
  • Lots of evaporation, taking water levels down.
  • Pool guys have been on top of this pretty well.

Guest Behavior

  • Still a rough week the first week of July, but has improved much since then.
  • Keep those rates high in Sept & Oct!
  • While an August event, guests were in general very cooperative about Storm Prep.

Rats, Bugs & Such

  • No sign of rats dead or alive in June.  There are still here, so don’t let your guard down!
  • No bugs.  Nothing.  I expect more with recent rain but overall no issues in July.
    • Roly-Poly bugs did create issues in July due to dry conditions, but should retreat to normal outside living space with recent rain.

Turn Day Traffic

  • Horrible.

Good News!

  • July 2020 was the first July in 3 years I’ve not been rear-ended while on the road!