Eyes & Ears, LLC based out of Corolla, NC is pleased to offer Pre-Listing Inspection Services to current property owners in the Corolla area.  These services include:

  • A physical inspection – full detailed list.
  • Diagnostics of any issues found – what’s causing the problem?
  • Assistance in getting any issues identified corrected before a buyer’s pre-closing inspection.

Why Do This?

Many property owners live elsewhere and, other than a few weeks each year, don’t have an opportunity to assess the condition of their rented properties.  Between Corolla’s weather & the “wear & tear” of the rental season, many risks to the property or guests could remain hidden until a buyer’s inspection.

With the availability of listed properties in Corolla, a buyer’s inspection could derail an offer if major items are found and the buyers just don’t want to deal with it.  And, the pre-close inspection may reveal issues that will take time (given the availability of vendors) to diagnose and repair.

As a Non-Certified inspector (for a reason!), E&E can do things the buyer’s Inspector can’t or won’t.  We will move things.  We will probe.  With your permission, we will go into locked spaces.

This Eyes & Ears service is designed to give sellers a chance to learn about, understand and correct any issues that might stall a close.

The Eyes & Ears Tools & Trusted Vendor Network

  • Eyes & Ears uses advanced diagnostic tools, including a Forward-Looking InfraRed camera (FLIR) that can look behind walls, ceilings, & floors.  This can identify potential water leaks, roof issues, and electrical issues.
  • Our network of Trusted Vendors from many trades can help resolve any issues beforehand that are likely to be cited in the buyer’s inspection. You can also reach us at 252.597.3155 or via email at [email protected]