Check condition and operability (when possible) of exterior elements to include:

  • Siding; trim; decks; stairs; railings; underpinning; dry spaces; windows & screens; outside showers/toilets; spigots; gutters & downspouts; exterior lights; exterior GFI outlets; dryer & exhaust vents.
  • General condition of any pools & spas, including the deck area; fences; gates; pool mechanicals & pool safety equipment & signage.
  • Assess the lot for drainage risks/issues; hazardous roots & tree limbs.
  • Assess condition of parking pads & any walkways.
  • Identify penetration points for rodents.


Check condition and operability (when possible) of interior elements to include:

  • Operation of all doors, windows & sliders and look for signs of water penetration.
  • Walls & ceilings for signs of water penetration.  Check general condition of floors as much as possible.
  • Status of plumbing to include operation of sinks: toilets & tubs; check for signs of current or past leaking.
  • Status of electricals to include operation of outlets, switches & lights, and breaker boxes.
  • Status and operability of appliances to include washers, dryers, microwave, cooktop & ovens, and refrigerators.
  • Status and operability of mechanicals to include HVAC; water heaters; breaker boxes & elevators when present.


Check condition (as accessible) of safety items to include smoke alarms; CO detectors & fire extinguishers.