Action Plumbing

Action is the operative word with these folks.  Fast response & fast Action from a skilled team of pros in the field and at the main office.  They also communicate very well and take the time to make sure you know what the problem is, what your options are, and what they did to make things right.  Action Plumbing is the only firm I will use at my own home, and I recommend Action Plumbing to all my customers, friends, and neighbors.  Action Plumbing also offers a nice discount to E&E customers.
Contact Action Plumbing by phone at 252.441.9992 or by email at [email protected].

Coastal Mechanical & Electrical Services

Coastal Mechanical & Electrical Services, formerly J. Pugh Services, is a licensed electrical & HVAC service provider on the Outer Banks.  The owner, John Pugh, has done work at my own home and for many E&E customers.  At my home, Coastal MES is now the only electrician or HVAC service provider I call.  Coastal MES also provides a nice discount to E&E customers.  John can be reached at 252.453.2765 or by email at [email protected].

Schuster Landscaping & Concrete

For landscaping/hardscaping & concrete (new or repairs) Dave Schuster tops my list.  Professional, reliable and communicates well.  Dave has done work for my customers, sometimes in true “emergency” situations.  Dave is also a wizard at dealing with rain and ground water problems. Call Dave at 252-202-2006.

Appliance Repair – Foreign Brands

Tyler Spruill, owner of Ty the Appliance Guy, offers appliance service on foreign brands including Samsung & LG.  Tyler is well-trained & skilled at diagnosing issues and getting things resolved as quickly as possible.  Tyler is responsive, communicates well and has a great “guest-in” personality.  Tyler’s web site can be found a or can be contacted by phone at 252.489.1049 or by email at [email protected].

Appliance Repair – Domestic Brands

Smith Appliance offers service on most domestic brands and does a great job.  The team is responsive, skilled and take great pride in their work.  They’ve done work at many E&E customer properties and if they can’t take something on, they help me find someone who can.  Smith Appliance can be contacted at 252.473.1164 or by email at [email protected].


Any pest control firm can kill bugs.  I use Terminix at my own home and many Eyes & Ears customers use them also based on their exceptional service and their specific knowledge & programs to control rodents (especially rats!).  Brad Fisher & his team also do a great job at my home with spiders, and in one situation they helped a customer with a snake issue.  Brad can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 252-491-5056 ext. 4251.

Bluewater Restoration

I can not say enough good things about Bluewater Restoration.  I’ve met many of their field people on-site at remediation and restoration jobs and they are all knowledgeable, professional, and communicate well with me and the property owners.  The work Bluewater has done for my customers is done with care.  It’s never a good situation when Bluewater needs to be involved, but when you need a restoration job, I highly recommend going to Bluewater first.  You can reach them at 252.491.2500 and Bluewater Restoration.

Ritchie Pools & Spas

Ritchie Pools & Spas is my favorite for anything needed for your pool & spa.  Weekly service, diagnostic & repair, winterization/de-winterization, leak detection & Advanced Pool Resurfacing under one roof staffed by honest & skilled pros.  While I do my own routine pool care at home, I call Ritchie for everything else including the installation of a pool heater in 2020.  Ritchie does not wait for a call about an issue – if they see it, they are on it – either just taking care of it or proactively reaching out to me or their customers.  These folks are so good that customers have had me bring them in to diagnose & fix issues that their own pool & spa vendors could not figure out.  Experience Counts.  Contact them at 252.202.1509 or at Ritchie Pools & Spas

OB Heating & Cooling

Now operating on the OBX as part of the One Hour Heating and Air group, Outer Banks One-Hour has a great team of experienced techs..  They service several Eyes & Ears customers in a prompt and professional manner.  Their techs are great, explain things well and go the extra mile to make sure the HVAC systems they service are as good as they can be.  Visit them at OB Heating & Cooling.

Macko Construction Outer Banks

Macko Construction on the Outer Banks has done work at several Eyes & Ears customer properties and soon at my own home.  Interior & Exterior, projects small, big and huge — they get the job done.  Prompt, professional, skilled & responsive. Contact them at 252.480.6411 or on the web at 

Cole Roofing

Cole Roofing is my go-to roofing & guttering vendor for smaller but still very important projects that the Big Guys don’t have time for or interest in.  I met David years ago when he was doing repairs at a property in my Corolla neighborhood and have connected Dave with several customers who have all been thrilled at his response, work, and pricing.  David is incredibly easy to work with – skilled & uncomplicated, offering very reasonable prices for very good work.  Cole Roofing can be contacted at [email protected] or by phone at 703.615.2077.  When my home’s roofs need attention, David will be getting a call.

Beach Painting Contractors

For high quality interior & exterior painting, I recommend Beach Painting Contractors.  They do great work in every aspect of the job from masking & drop cloths to clean up.  Beach has done work for several customers and all have been impressed with the consultation, prep and results.  A huge benefit is that all Beach Painting professionals are employees, not sub-contractors who might walk off the job for a few cents more per hour elsewhere.  Another benefit is that Beach has in-house resources for construction & repairs – if their painting crew finds an issue, they can call on their own team for skilled & reliable work.  Beach Painting Contractors can be contacted at (252) 441-8224 or on the web at Painting and Construction Company Outer Banks – Beach Painting.

Natalie Jimenez

Sometimes plumbing, electrical or HVAC issues require cutting drywall.  Natalie Jimenez and her talented team have done some of the most amazing repair jobs on drywall & textured walls/ceilings I’ve ever seen.  They’ve done work at several E&E customer properties, sometimes in “must do now!” situations.  Natalie can be reached at 252-202-7690 or by email at [email protected]