Just got off the phone with Brad Fisher, GM of Terminix’s OBX operation. My recent observations:

  • No rats seen dead or alive by me other than one a few weeks ago being carried off by a hawk on SR-12 in Whalehead.
  • Dramatically increased sightings of fox (who love to eat rats) in all of Corolla.
  • No sightings of coyote, other than reports of one (who is famous enough to have his own FB page!) on the N end of Whalehead. I’ve seen him and he is BIG. Coyote scare off the fox.
  • Diminished population of feral cats for reasons unknown.
  • This good news is despite the rental occupancy rate and the piles of trash out at the street.

Brad’s Observations:

  • The areas of N Corolla (Corolla Light and up) continue to be a problem, but not as bad as this time last year.
  • Owner preventive measures have made a big difference on a specific property basis.
  • Brad remains concerned about the activity this Fall/Winter, but that’s his job.

As an aside, for owners with Sunday turns:

  • The overflowing and poorly arranged trash cans I saw on Sunday morning’s drive through was horrible, particularly in Ocean Sands Section O.
  • Most Corolla neighborhoods have trash collected on Wed and Sat, and Sunday turn guests often miss this.
  • In some places, Bay gave up on Saturday and did not return until Monday which left Sunday turn new guests with no place to put the refuse from their shopping trips.
  • Please encourage your guests (VRBO) or rental companies to reinforce awareness of trash collection days.
  • The more trash, the more rats.