• Recent rain events and property interior flooding have been happening at some E&E customer homes. These interior flooding events have not been found by E&E in the past.
  • Investigation with business partner Dave Schuster of Concrete & Landscape Design may have shed some light on the issue: our soil.
  • Main Problem:  The “Soil”
    • Our Sand – We have what is known on the E coast as “Corolla Sand.”  Grains have almost flat sides that when first wet interlock and reject water.  In my yard, pour a glass of water on the “soil” around my house and it runs off until the soil is wet enough and starts to absorb.  I wrote a paper about this a few years ago.
    • Over time, natural sediment including other sand types, detritus from rotting vegetation, etc. begin to build into the sand and on the surface.  During hot & dry times, this organic matter becomes like a thin layer of concrete.  At some point, enough is enough and the “soil” will not absorb any more.
    • Further, as vegetation grows, the root systems further block absorption.
    • Without some attention, the problem only gets worse.
  • Secondary Problem:  The Sources
    • The same soil is found in the surrounding properties and throughout most of Corolla’s developed area.
    • Runoff from adjacent properties are an issue.
    • Adjacent properties with new gutters/downspouts can be an issue.
    • Pool backwash lines that drain to close to the structure can be an issue.

There are solutions for this, both short & long term. As E&E customers you will know of any issues as soon as I discover them or are reported by others. We are in the pop-up T-Storm season now, and with 2.76″ of rain at my home last evening we can only expect more of the same.

Holler back if you have questions or want more info.