Interior Services

Leaking toilets & sinks, hair clogs, a ‘fridge that won’t get cold…we’ve seen it all and can take care of most of it either on-the-spot or through a vendor. On a weekly basis, we check on the condition of common problem areas such as plumbing leaks, water penetration, proper functioning of doors, windows and sliders.  We look at GFCI operation and check the condition of walls, floors and ceilings.  Smoke and CO alarms are tested weekly.

Exterior Services

Nail pops, siding problems, wobbly deck railings, gaps in the underpinning…we see them!  If we can’t fix it, we work with you to get help. On a weekly basis, we check on the condition of the siding, trim, underpinning and outside plumbing.  All accessible decks, steps and railings will be checked as well as the accessible doors, windows and sliders (and screens).  Dryer and bathroom vents will be checked to ensure they are clear.  Swimming pool areas will be checked for safety, including self-closing & latching gates.  We also look for bugs…

Lot Services

We take care of the way your lot looks!  A clean lot is a good first impression to renters. Trash on the lot will be picked up each week and we blow out the car port and parking pads of sand.  Guests will be reminded of trash collection schedules.  Limbs, branches or vines that pose a hazard will be dealt with, and any signs of erosion or drainage problems will be noted.

Vendor Coordination

Things break and things leak.  Sometimes it’s an easy fix and sometimes one or more pros need to be called in.  Rely on our vendor coordination offerings to keep you informed.

Repair Services

Things Break.  They wear out, or rust, or rot.  Eyes & Ears can take care of may routine repair needs quickly and affordably. More repair services.

Special Services

We take on special projects to build new things, hang blinds, replace faucets, and help you navigate (from afar) the permits and inspections needed to get a special job done.  See Special Services for more!