You may have noted on the new E&E web page at one revamped and one new tab.

New is “News & Alerts.”  This is where I will be posting important news, weather warnings, etc. that I normally push out in a bulk email.  Please visit the new site and subscribe to this page.  Anything I post there will go to you in email without me doing a bulk push.

Revamped is the Trusted Vendor page.  For all customers as a reminder, the idea behind the TV page & effort:

  • E&E is happy to work with & coordinate with any vendor you prefer or choose for things like repairs, HVAC, pest control & plumbing problems.
  • Trusted Vendors are those that have done great work at my own home; have done great work in a timely manner at customer properties; and where I have direct access to the business owner or local management and one or more of their field techs.
  • The advantage is – for me and you – is that if I find or are informed of an issue I can be in your property and on the phone with a Trusted Vendor to mitigate, remediate, and help them understand exactly what the issue is and what they need to be prepared for in terms of parts and effort.  This saves time and gets the issue fixed more quickly.
  • This system has worked so well that 2 Trusted Vendors, Action Plumbing & Coastal Mechanical & Electrical (HVAC & electrical) have extended nice discounts to E&E customers.

Again, while the E&E Trusted Vendors have been carefully selected, E&E will work with any service provider you choose!

A great example of how this can work for you.  This morning I noted my L1/L2 AC making a funny noise (the ears in Eyes & Ears!) and no circulation.  I called John at Coastal MES and over the phone he gave me instructions on how to diagnose the issue.  Turns out CMES still needs to visit, but at least now they know exactly what is going on.  One visit should do the trick.  I can’t do this with other vendors, especially if they are franchised.  In the case of AC issues, we are getting into the stressful season with high temps & high humidity (and windows/sliders open).  My close business relationship with Coastal MES is a blessing.

Holler back – on the web page News & Alerts! – with questions & comments.  Shared information & insight helps us all.  This message will also be posted to the News & Alerts page.  Subscribe!