E&E Customers – Some observations and impacts on the E&E services below.

  1. Covid-19 cases in Dare, Currituck & Hyde Counties continue to climb, most from non-residents. State-wide, cases have increased steeply.
  2. Most visitors are NOT wearing masks & not practicing appropriate social distancing.
  3. Unconfirmed reports say a PM firm has been sued by recent guests when they “fell sick” with COVID-19 and tested positive. Of the 17 or so guests, 10 were supposedly confirmed. Suit alleges neglect in cleaning.
  4. Traffic today was horrendous. Outbound visitors are not leaving until 10:00 or so. Inbound are arriving at 8, and unable to get into their rentals are filling every available parking space at retail outlets, public parking areas and even in the rental home driveway. At 10am this morning southbound traffic was backed up from Southern Shores (the bridge) to the Ace in Corolla. Coming out or my neighborhood (Sect D, Ocean Sands) I waited 7 minutes to make a RIGHT turn N on SR-12.
  5. Three more incidents today of significant guest damage to properties at E&E customer places. Some were major safety or security issues. Added to those from last week, E&E now has more in the few weeks of 2020 than in 2019 & 2018 combined.
  6. As noted previously, Dare has a mandatory mask order in indoor & outdoor spaces where social distancing is not possible. Virtually unenforceable, but I’d not be surprised to see the same in Currituck and at the State level.


  1. As a reminder, on turn days E&E has 3 phases of operation (the 3 R’s): (1) Recon – visit all client properties ASAP to assess and perform Scheduled Services; (2) Repair — Do what I can, or arrange for vendor visits, to correct issues found; (3) Respond – To new issues reported to me.
  2. With the growing traffic & significant guest damage, I may NOT be able to tend to minor issues or cosmetic issues on turn day. I prioritize this work based on the Secure, Safe & Sound principles.
  3. Unless an issue presents a risk to the visitors or the property, I will not make mid-week guest-in visits unless the visitors agree to social distancing guidelines. In most situations thus far, visitors have been very cooperative.

Holler back with any questions or comments.