Vendor Coordination

A guest reports a drip.  Then a leak.  Then a steady stream of water from a ceiling.  Is it a plumbing problem?  A leaking roof?  Defective siding or window flashing?  How many vendors might be needed to figure out and fix the problem?

And how are you going to coordinate all that from home?

Eyes & Ears can be your on-site coordinator, documenting to you on a daily basis the vendor work that goes into figuring out and fixing an issue.

Eyes & Ears will be able to assess the work; ask the questions that you would ask; make sure each vendor knows what they are supposed to do; and report to you on a timely  basis to ensure YOU know what is going on.

Eyes & Ears maintains relationships with many of the leading vendors who are in high demand for the quality of their work.  General Contracting; Plumbing; Electical; HVAC; Water Control; and even the Currituck County inspectors and permit officials.

Let Eyes & Ears fuss over the coordination.  You will know what we know when we find it.