Mostly due to COVID-19, but also attributable to the traffic, many service vendors are changing their days of operation for property visits.  It’s a moving target.

Some will only visit during the weekend.  Some will only visit during the week.  Regardless of when, some demand the property be empty.

A few things that might help:

  • If you schedule a service call, please let me know who, for what, what day & time window.
  • If you have a keyless entry, it might be best to provide the vendor with access.  While I’m usually within 15 minutes of anywhere in Corolla, I may be knee-deep in an issue I can’t break away from.  I will do my best.
  • Please ask the vendors to call me when they are about 15 minutes out (Sanderling).
  • If I can’t be there to provide entry, I will go to your property to confirm the work has been done & the property is secure.