Not much has changed in the NHC forecast for TS Isaias  In short:

  • This continues to look to be a Sunday/Monday event for coastal NC.
  • The projected path still has the eye brushing the southern outer banks (Hatteras) and moving NE.
  • The cone (uncertainty) has remained stable and most models are coming into alignment.
  • Various forecasts still calling for 1-2” of rain in the Corolla area & TS-force winds arriving around 4pm Monday.
  • Storm is now expected to reach hurricane status after clearing Hispaniola.


  • A stationary high system in the mid-Atlantic is forecast to influence the path of the storm, keeping it from moving further East and off the coast.
  • Dip in the NA Jet Stream expected, dipping into the Gulf of Mexico then running parallel to the expected storm path will hinder the storm from moving further West.
  • While the eye is anticipated to be well off the coast when reaching Corolla, the area is expected to be well within the wind field.