What We Do

Protecting your Investment

This is what it is all about.  Your investment and making sure that investment is protected, even though you may be hundreds of miles away.  But Eyes & Ears is here.

We report to you every week in writing, with more frequent messages or calls as needed.


Doors & windows locked when they are supposed to be locked.  Alarms on when they are supposed to be on.  This is the first step in keeping your property secure.  See SECURE for more.


Is your rental property safe for guests to enjoy?  The sun and salt can ruin decks and outside furniture, and the normal wear-and-tear can make things unsafe.  See SAFE for more.


Is your rental property sound?  In good shape on the inside and outside?  Eyes & Ears sees (and hears) potential problems with the structure and mechanicals. Check all of our services offered.