What We Do

Protecting your Investment

This is what it is all about.  Your investment and making sure that investment is protected, even though you may be hundreds of miles away.  But Eyes & Ears is here, visiting your property at least once a week every week year-round.


Do you ever wonder if the last vendor, cleaning team or guest closed and locked the doors and windows on their way out?  People with bad intent looking to get into a property are not going to spend a lot of time searching for a way in — they will do a quick test on easily accessible doors and windows, especially those out of sight from vigilant eyes.  Eyes & Ears offers rental property security and will check all doors and windows on a weekly basis to ensure they are secure.  If you have work scheduled on the property, a special check can be arranged to make sure the vendors have secured things.


Is your rental property safe for you, your family, or guests to enjoy?  The sun and salt can ruin decks and outside furniture, and the normal wear-and-tear can make things unsafe.  Are your smoke & CO detectors working?  Are your fire extinguishers current?  Be it a nail pop or a wobbly deck railing, E&E can help find & address any occupant safety issues.


Is your OBX property sound?  In good shape on the inside and outside?  Eyes & Ears sees (and hears) potential problems with the structure and mechanicals.  Wood rots, siding gets damaged, ceilings, windows & doors leak and cause damage that may be hard to detect until a real problem comes up.  Excessive cracks in the concrete slab or driveway?  Water that seems to appear from nowhere?  We have the skills & experience to find, diagnose and work with you on a resolution.